Friday, June 25, 2010


Yayyy, finals are over, I passed all my classes, and I can relax! I have soo much going on this summer.. so it's going to be an eventful one!
- Of course I will be spending every available moment of my summer in my FAVORITE national part, Waterton!
- Our ward is going to Martin's Cove July 8-12, and I have never been so this will be interesting!
- Probably some more Waterton...
- Guess where i will be ALL week July 16-24...? WATERTON! :)
- August 2-7 I'm going to E.F.Y. in Calgary with my beautiful friend Carly MacLennan :D
- On the 8th I'm going to... BACKSTREET BOYS CONCERT!... back streets back, ALRIGHT!
- I'm sure my family will be going to Surveyors Lake in B.C. somewhere around this time, I;m just not sure when. I love Surveyors. It is the highlight of my summer, especially when you meet a few friendly boys :)
- I will also be serenaded by the gorgeous Michael Buble on the 18th.. mmhhmmm.

That is the agenda of my Summer so far, BUT there is one thing i feel is very important to add to it.. On the 20th of September, I will be attending the concert of... JUSTIN BIEBER. I know, I know.. but who can resist him? I really do have Bieber Fever.  How exciting..

This last little addition of this post really has nothing to do with summer.. at all.. but I'm just so darn excited!
My brother Tyler and his lovely wife Erin are expecting a baby this December! We are all thrilled, and can't wait to see the little peanut!

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